because beautiful things come in small boxes...

Feeling the love!

 “I absolutely love my rings! And my earrings! And my bracelets!!!  Wherever I wear them, I get a lot of compliments and people want to know  where I got them.  Thank you so very much!” 

~ Alyssa J.

“I walked the whole art fair and kept coming back to your booth, several  times, to look at everything.  Your work is gorgeous and I love the  earrings I finally picked out."

~Ursula R.

 “Had to have my ring!  I wear it every day, all the time, and it is my  absolute favorite piece of jewelry. Looking forward to seeing you again  next year! Thank you so much!”

~ Sarah K.

 “I bought the branch necklace with pearls...first for me, then for my  daughter. She will wear it at her wedding and then it will be passed on to her to pass on to her daughter.”

~ Priscilla N.

“I love the little bright sparkles of color you incorporated into my  earrings with all the gemstones. The textures are all so perfect.

Very nice! I just love them!”

~ Janet A.

“I have many big rings but the one you made for me from my mother's  jewelry is the one I always reach for first. I always feel her close when I wear it, which is often. Thank you.” 

~ Robert B.