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Frequently Asked Questions

Rose pendant with sterling silver, 24k keum-boo gold, and three faceted garnets

I want to have important information available right at your fingertips, have your questions answered in a timely manner, and deliver customer service as quickly (and friendly!) as I can make it for you. Below is a list of some of the more frequently asked questions that have come my way. If there is something you wish to know that is not addressed here on the website, please feel free to send a message to me via the Contact page and I will do my very best to respond as quickly as I can. 

Customer Service

I believe that purchasing jewelry is a very personal and significant experience. I want you to feel free to ask any questions, request any additional information or photos, so I can assist in any way to help you  with your decision on a Girl Meets Joy Jewelry design. Please feel free to contact me so that we can work together to make sure that your choice is a piece that you will love forever.

Please know that the jewelry pictured on the website is going to be an ever-changing collection. Call me to learn about any of the latest designs. I try to  update the site regularly but some pieces may no longer be available or  the prices may have changed to reflect market cost of the materials being used. If you have inquiries about a specific item you have seen in my cases at a show, or questions in general, please contact me via the website or call me at (952) 220-4930.

How do I care for my Girl Meets Joy jewelry?

All the jewelry is designed and hand fabricated (not cast) in my Excelsior, MN studio. With proper care, your jewelry will improve with age and can develop a rich patina. All repairs should be handled through Girl Meets Joy. To keep your jewelry in great condition please visit the Jewelry Care page. 

General Jewelry Questions

1. Are the chain and beaded designs available in any length or only in the lengths shown? Can I have my design altered? I have a chain I already own and would like to have it cut to accommodate one of your pendants...can this be done?

The chains, knotted strands, and neck wires that I have available for purchase with my pin/pendant pieces can be modified or restrung/knotted for a nominal/additional materials fee if they are not the length that you require. If you purchase a pendant that comes with a chain that you would like to have shortened or lengthened, I may be able modify the length of it for you if the chain style allows. If the chain can be lengthened, you will be charged for the extra material needed to complete the request in addition to a labor fee. Please note that not all chains can be modified. Please be mindful that altered chains are not returnable or exchangeable. I will not be able to modify a chain that you already own to fit into my designs unless that chain or strand was purchased from me previously.

2.  If I buy a ring at a show or a gallery that carries your work, and it's not the exact size, can I have it sized to fit me? (or) My fingers have grown since I purchased my Girl Meets Joy ring and I still want to wear it! Can it be stretched or sized?

The answer to both of these questions is YES. 


If you purchase a ring from me at a show, any show, or make your purchase from a gallery that carries my work, I will resize any ring purchase once for no charge. I, or the gallery, will get your correct size at the time of your purchase.  If you purchased from a gallery, the gallery will send me the ring with any information that has been gathered at the time of sale and they will send the piece to me for modifications. I offer this service because I want the ring to fit you perfectly the first time! :)


After I finish the work, I will send the piece directly back to the gallery and they will call you that it is there waiting for you. If you purchased the ring from me at an art show I will resize your ring after the show is finished and send the ring directly to you within 5-7 days.


Likewise, rings purchased in the past can be sized for a minimal fee depending on the work being done to alter the size. A ring will always be weaker at the soldered section. Because of this weakness there will be a tendency to split if you ever stretch the ring to make it larger. If your ring has been resized before and needs to be resized up again, I recommend not using stretching as the method of enlargement as it may damage the entire ring. 

** Please note that any repairs or re-sizing done to any Girl Meets Joy piece of jewelry at any 3rd party source will negate any warranty of my personal craftsmanship. I highly recommend that you send any pieces you need worked on back to me for all servicing or repair.

3.  I am interested in one of your multi-strand pieces but I would like it to have 5 strands instead of 6, and would you please use a different clasp. Can you do this for me?

The answer to this question is "It depends". I typically design my pieces with a specific image in mind of what the end product will be and what it will look like: so the answer is No, I will not alter an existing piece. With that said - HOWEVER - I will work with you to create the custom piece YOU have in mind with the intention that this is a custom piece of jewelry, is in my wheelhouse of skills and isn't far off from the look of the work I already do.  I  require a 50% deposit of the quoted price prior to any custom work being started.  Please note all design work including notes, correspondences regarding the project, any sketches, renderings, drawings and photos, all remain under my copyright. This simply means that if I design something for your project and you decline my services, you cannot take my design to another jeweler to create that piece for you. Please don't. That's just not cool.

4. How do I clean and care for my jewelry? Sterling silver, 14K gold, 18K gold and Gold overlay?

Girl Meets Joy Jewelry couldn't be any easier to care for. When you buy your piece, I go over the basics of care at the time of sale. In case you forget, there is also a jewelry care link in the menu above which covers everything you need to know to clean and care for your jewelry. If you need specific maintenance or repair, I strongly recommend bringing your piece back to me to do the work as any 3rd party will nullify any warranty I offer on my work.

5. Do you actually make every piece of jewelry by hand?

Yes.  I design and make every single piece of my jewelry myself. I hand fabricate every petal and flower, every ring, every pin finding, etc., from flat metal sheet, various shapes and gauges of wire and tubing.  I hand select each stone and pearl with individual pieces of jewelry in mind. This process is my joy and what I love doing.

6.  If I have a pair of clip earrings that I want made into pierced with either a post or an earwire, is this possible and how much will it cost to convert them?

If the earrings you own were purchased from me, either at a gallery or at one of my shows, depending on the design, I may be able to convert them provided the design allows the change. Please note that there will be an additional charge for this conversion. If I have specified that an earring design is for “pierced only” or “clipped only” there are usually specific reasons for this limitation and I will not be able to alter the design. If you have questions or would like to discuss this, please call me directly at 952-220-4930 or use the form on the Contact page to send me a message. 

7.  I own several pieces that are sterling but I would really rather like them to be gold instead.  Do you offer plating services?

No. I do not offer plating services on any of my designs or work.  The Gold Overlay metal that I use on some of my pieces is a heavy layer of high karat gold that is heat bonded onto the sterling sheet and made by hand in the studio and is not applied by commercial plating methods. If you have any of my pieces plated at a 3rd party source, please note that this nullifies any guarantee and warranty I offer for service and repair.

8.  Some of the dark areas on my jewelry are getting darker in some areas and lighter in others (patina)? Is this normal? Can I get the whole piece to be darker again?

The dark detailing on your jewelry is called patina. The patina on your piece is applied and finished by hand. When patina has been applied on smooth surfaces it naturally wears off as you wear your jewelry creating what is called a “shine” and looks like brighter highlights on your piece.  When patina is applied to areas that are textured, or on unexposed areas or surfaces, it will naturally keep darkening over time. This is the natural aging of your jewelry. The patina aging and wearing over time makes your piece uniquely yours. See the Jewelry Care page for more information on caring for your Girl Meets Joy Jewelry. If you prefer the whole piece re-darkened I can do this for you as well for a minimal fee and have the piece returned to you very quickly.


9.  I was given a pair of earrings (or any other jewelry) as a gift several years ago but I don't wear them anymore but I see that you are still making them in your collection. Can I return them and get something else I like instead?

No. I adhere to a strict 10 day return policy. If you have purchased your piece at a gallery, you will have to adhere to the return/exchange policy of the shop.  If there is a new piece in the Girl Meets Joy Jewelry collection that you have your eye on, consider sharing the love and passing on the old to a friend who really admires and loves your style...and then treat yourself to something new. :)

10. Can I commission a Girl Meets Joy Jewelry custom piece?

Yes.  I would absolutely love to talk to you about creating a custom piece of jewelry. Your heirloom jewelry and materials can be re-imagined into fresh contemporary pieces! Heirlooms add a very personal dimension to the jewelry you wear every day. I offer you the chance to be a part of the creative process. All Girl Meets Joy Jewelry custom designs are truly one-of-a-kind pieces. If you are interested in scheduling an appointment to talk about a custom Girl Meets Joy Jewelry piece, please contact me directly for further information. 

Please note that all customer orders do require a 50% down payment up front.  If you choose to cancel the job and agreement after the project has already begun, please know that 25% of the quoted price is non-refundable and will be deducted from the deposit money before it is returned to you. The reason for this is to cover the expense of having acquired supplies specifically for your project and to cover any labor that has already been completed on your custom design. Please note that once we decide on a final design, the whole of that design, including all notes, sketches, renderings, drawings, and correspondences regarding the project, do remain under my copyright and ownership. I work with you every single step of the way with your project so we are always both on the same page at all times.  I do require your input to make your project a success.

11. Will you clean and/or repair any Girl Meets Joy Jewelry that I buy from you.

Yes, I do stand behind my work 100% and usually can make your jewelry “look like new” again. Polishing and restringing are processes that I do regularly and there are maintenance things that should be done frequently to maintain the desired quality of your jewelry. Jewelry can be dropped off at any of the Galleries that represent my work or mailed directly to me. Please insure your package when mailing and send it with a signature required. Include your name, phone number, email address and return mailing address as well as the repair information inside the package.  Repairs normally take 1-2 weeks to complete, depending upon my show schedule, and do have a nominal fee which we will discuss once I can see what exactly needs to be done. I usually have the work completed and returned to you well before the time frame but if it's busy season with shows or around the holidays, the time frame may be extended. I always keep you posted if there are any delays. If you would like more information before sending your jewelry, please contact me directly for further details.

12. Jewelry Appraisals

If you need a current value appraisal of your Girl Meets Joy Jewelry item or collection, please contact me directly. An appraisal will be sent to you within 1-3 weeks. I do have records of all sales so I can pull together the information rather quickly for you. You may also submit your request through any Gallery where you have purchased my work. 

Returns and Repairs


In the event that you find you are not happy with your purchase after you get it home, and you purchased your piece from me at an art festival, you will please need to contact me directly within 10 days of the purchase so that we can discuss what it is that is making you unhappy.  I want to work with you to make it right.  I ask that you please use the same care in repacking the item and ship it back to me via USPS Priority Mail with signature required & insurance and email me the tracking information. Please  include a copy of the original receipt in the box when you prepare your  package. Packages not returned in this manner will be refused as they  are not adhering to a system that protects the both of us in the case of  loss or damage via the postal system.  All returns are subject to inspection before any refund will be issued. 

Please note that Custom and altered jewelries are non-refundable.  As mentioned above, your return should be accompanied with a copy of the  original receipt.  Refunds will be issued to the original card that was  used in the purchase. Check or cash sale returns will be issued a postal  money order minus the fees for the cost of purchasing the money order  check. Gift recipients can "even exchange" or be issued a credit for a  different piece if reference to the person who made the original gift  purchase is clearly indicated. This Return Credit must be used within  one calendar year.  I keep customer records of every sale and I will be  discreet so no feelings are hurt if you just simply want something else.  Gift items will not be accepted as a return for a cash refund. Store  credits must be used within one year of date of issue.

If  you purchased your piece from a gallery or store, you will have to make  your return to that particular location and adhere to their return  policies. There will will be no exceptions to this policy.

Returns for refund are not eligible to any wholesale customers and any return shipping charges will be applied to your account.

Repair Services


I usually can make your jewelry “look like new” again with a new  patina or restringing. Polishing, applying patina/refinishing, and  restringing are processes that I do regularly, and they are things that  should be done frequently to maintain the desired quality of your  jewelry. 

Jewelry can be dropped off at the gallery you  purchased my work from or mailed directly to me (please contact me first  to discuss what you would like done). Or, if you're going to be  visiting an art show venue, just bring it to me in person and we can  discuss what needs to be done in person.  If you are mailing your  pieces, please insure your package for the value of the piece and send  with a signature required. Always Include  your name, phone number, email address and return mailing address  inside the package, as well as the repair information we discussed, also  inside the package.  Repairs normally take 1-3 weeks to complete and do  have a small fee which we will discuss before the work is done. I  usually will have your item completed and back to you well before that  time frame but if it's busy during show season or around the holidays,  naturally expect a bit of a delay. I will give you an estimate of the  repair cost and let you know when they are complete and we will need to  square up payment prior to sending the work back to you. Please contact me directly for further details.

** Please  note that any repairs or resizings that have been done to any Girl  Meets Joy ring at a 3rd party source negate any warranty of  craftsmanship. I highly recommend sending any of my work back to me if  it needs servicing or repair.

Shipping, Payments & Wholesale

Shipping Info

I ship all jewelry via signature required and insured Priority Mail with  the U.S. Postal Service. If you need your item overnight, FedEx rates are available. 


I process all credit card payments with Square and accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express. If you prefer using Paypal, this can also be arranged.

Wholesale & Gallery

I do not offer wholesale or discounted pricing to the general public. I do offer wholesale pricing to retail vendors and galleries with proper documentation. If you are interested in talking to me about opening a new wholesale account or carrying my work in your gallery or shop, please contact me directly for more information.